About Us

Installing Soundproofing Since 2002.

Joseph Drago is a well respected licensed contractor working in the Boston area since 1991. Since 1985, Joseph has been specializing in residential and commercial contracting. His notable skill in building has earned him a reputation as one of Boston's premiere contractors. His work has been featured in
many Residential Showcases and industry publications.

Joseph wanted to bring his contracting skills to the next level. As the years went by and the soundproofing industry improved, he saw that he could
improve peoples quality of life with the more effective soundproofing materials. After the many years of satisfied customers, Joseph Drago with the
help of his two sons, Steven and Anthony, established New England Soundproofing. Being based out of Boston MA, New England Soundproofing will provide consultation, installation, and great priced soundproofing material to everyone in the New England area.

Now New England Soundproofing will be providing their expertise services to anyone that wants to soundproof their home or office. We can provide
you to the best soundproofing solutions and can install it into anyones home or office. We can consult, order, and install the best and right product
for you. We will come to your home or office to examine and provide the right soundproofing fit for you.

New England Soundproofing has the ability to have perfect service from start to finish and have earned a well deserved reputation as true professionals. We know how to do the soundproof instulation to soundproof a room, office, home and many more. We provide many different soundproofing material ​for anyone throughout New England. We will solve all your sound problems.