Restaurant Soundproofing Draws Return Customers Charred Oak Tavern -

Hi Joe & Team, 

One of the things that we missed completely when opening up our new restaurant, was the sound. It's just something you don't think of!  Our beautiful restaurant is adorned by reclaimed wood, piping, copper, reclaimed brick and industrial-type fixtures; all of which are hard surfaces.  This caused even the slightest busy evening to be VERY noisy.  It was pointed out to us that we should invest in sound absorbing panels -- WHAT ARE THOSE?!  After much research, we came across New England Soundproofing. We gave them a call and were put through to Joe Drago.  Joe instantly knew exactly what we were talking about, and with his expertise and knowledge, made us feel that New England Soundproofing was the way to go.  Joe personally came to our establishment and started measuring the space, and told us exactly what we needed without any overage.  "I'm only going to suggest what you need." And Joe was absolutely right!!  Joe's team had a limited time frame of when they could work, due to the fact that we are open for lunch and dinner, and we didn't want to disturb our guests, but in 2 days, all of the panels were in. The first day, when only half the panels were installed, you could already hear a huge difference!  By the time the job was finished, it was truly like night & day. Our guests immediately started praising us for moving forward with the sound panels, and one guest in particular said, "The only reason I came back to visit with you again, is because of your post on social media, stating that you had your sound panels installed!"  We were so glad to hear this. One of the best parts?  You can now clearly hear the awesome playlist that we have playing in the background!  ;)  100% totally worth it!  Thank you so much to New England Soundproofing for a job well done!  Your work even brought a guest back to us!  

Thank you so much, 

The Charred Oak Tavern Management Team

Joe - it's a long write-up, but please take whatever pieces from it you wish :)

Thank you!

Another Satisfied Customer! Wall Soundproofing in an apartment complex -

I wanted  to take a moment to thank you and your teams for the tremendous work they were able to get done last week here, soundproofing the bedroom wall at Jack Flats. The resident told me today she notices a huge difference. I do appreciate all the hard work and dedication to this project, Although it was not too large a project, it definitely was an extremely important one for us..

Thank you again for getting 2-224 done. all your employees, esp. Dillion, were completely professional and acted accordingly throughout the entire project....

The Boston Hearld

The Boston Herald and The Boston Herald Radio featured New England Soundproofing in the September 10th and September 14th Boston Herlad Newspaper. New England Soundproofing was featured based on the outstanding project that was done for the Boston Herald Radio, and how New England Soundproofing was able to reduce the echo and increase the satisfaction of the radio hosts. New England Soundproofing also custom-built a green screen out of the REVRB Acoustic Panels. 

Massachusetts Realty

Mass Realty - one of most popular real estate websites in Massachusetts, wanted to learn more about the art of soundproofing a home. After many honorable recommendations from customers, Mass Realty chose New England Soundproofing for an article on The Art of Soundproofing Your Home, which included tips and ways to help soundproof anyone's home, condo, or office building. New England Soundproofing is a high end, full soundproofing company that does consulting, sales, and installs for clients all over New England. 

New England Condo Magazine

New England Condo Magazine, the largest condo-based magazine in Massachusetts and New England, had interviewed New England Soundproofing on how well and essential soundproofing is to its condo owners. New England Condominium Magazine is a monthly publication that addresses issues of importance to the cooperative, condominium and HOA communities. With nearly two decades of existence and based out of NYC, they asked New England Soundproofing for their expertise in soundproofing and acoustical solutions, including their work all around New England and Boston.  They were interested in the products, solutions, and cost factors that soundproofing had for the condo owners. To see the article, click here or purchase an August issue today!

The Bates Realestate Report

Here is a great article featuring New England Soundproofing in The Bates Real Estate Report, about how realtors, home owners, and new home buyers should look into soundproofing. The Bates Real Estate Report is a well-respected realtor blog, based out of Boston, MA. It features the most high end real estate in Massachusetts. Click here to see the article. For more information, testimonials, and new articles on New England Soundproofing, check back on our website for updates.